Below are some KEY moving tips to follow for your next move.  Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!



2. When packing boxes, keep them light! While bigger boxes may seem like a great opportunity

to fit as many items as possible, heavy and over-packed boxes commonly burst at the seams.

3. Color coordinate your moving boxes with the rooms in your new house to help the movers get

the boxes to the right room. Apply colored stickers on each box, near the box number if you

used a number-labeling system. Then, place a matching sticker on the door to each room of

your new home. The movers will know exactly where to place the boxes

4. If you decide to take apart your own furniture and want to avoid missing hardware, simply

place all hardware in a zip lock bag.

5. Moving is an excellent time to de-clutter and get rid of any old equipment or unwanted items.

Throw out useless or old items you no longer need before packing.

6. Please drain any fuels from outdoor equipment EX: lawnmowers, snow blowers, weed-


7. We do NOT take alcohol. We cannot transport any liquor on our trucks.

8. Remove files and office supplies from filing cabinets. Often times, filing cabinets need to be

moved on an incline or sometimes on their side. Contents may shift during the move. This will

avoid damage to important papers and prevent thumbtacks or paperclips from jamming the


9. Clothes can stay in the drawers of dressers; however we do recommend removing any

breakable items or small items like jewelry, coins etc. Some dressers need to be moved out on

their sides, often small objects have a habit of shifting to other areas inside the dresser during


10. Keep all valuable items with you when you move, this includes both monetary and emotional.

It’s easier for you to look over these valuable items yourself. Pack jewelry, photo albums,

computers, antiques, memorabilia, important documents, and anything else of value yourself,

and take them with you in the car when you move. You'll know just where they are, and that

they're safe.

11. It’s always good to have an “open me first” box for each room of the house. This way when

you get to the new destination, you can easily find the important box with things like

remotes/cable boxes etc.

12. Keep an inventory list of your boxes as you pack. This way you can easily pin point a specific

box in a room full of boxes.

13. Mark any items in the house that the movers will NOT be taking. Often times customers forget

to mention items that are staying with the house.

14. All boxes must be taped and closed! No Exceptions! We only will take closed boxes.

15. We do NOT take loose items! Everything should be boxed

16. We do NOT take garbage bags filled with clothes or any other items. They often rip and they

cannot properly be packed with furniture. Use Boxes!

17. We do NOT take live plants.

18. Remove all propane tanks from BBQ grills. We cannot transport propane tanks.

19. Plan a strategy for your pets on moving day so they do not interfere in the move.

20. Pack your food last, especially from the fridge and freezer, and use coolers to transport the

items. Non-perishable pantry items can be packed ahead and clearly labeled.

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